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Banner for the Hobbit Day 2017
Although we aren't back yet to the usual reading routine, we still wanted to hold a special reading day in honour of Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday today. So, pic out something Hobbit-related and read! It can be a scene from the books, a scene from one of your favorite fanfics, something Tolkien might have said about either of them in his Letters, or perhaps something someone else has written about them in some other sort of non-fiction--just so long as it features one or both of our favorite Bagginses or refers to them in any way.

How to proceed: either make a post with your reading in your own journal (needs to be unlocked) or in [community profile] rla_readings, and comment to this post with the link to your reading post. You can also just comment here with the link to your reading, or just with any kind of birthday greetings to the Bagginses.
I'll add the links to the readings to this post as they come in. Make sure to check in occasionally to see about new readings (or track the entry to get notifications), and please also consider leaving a comment to the reader!
There's no time limit to contributions, so feel free to add your reading as late as it gets!

: We've started to mirror all entries on LJ and DW from now on. Some of our members are no longer on LJ, but on DW only, so make sure to check both journals for comments, although you'll find the links to the readings from both sides here in this entry as soon as I've caught up with them. Hobbit Day 2017 on LJ | on DW

Technical note: You might've already noticed that voice recording no longer works on LJ. This means some of you might need to find alternative options for recording. Using a smartphone works, although you might need to get an extra app which also provides mp3 files. If you've got any troubles recording, please contact me by message or email at [ysilme69@gmail.com] so we can find a solution for you. I'm unfortunately not fully availiable this weekend due to rehersals and a big choir performance, but from Sunday evening on it won't be a problem.

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Here are the Special Readings for the International Hobbit Day 2015.
Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo!

(Art by [livejournal.com profile] shadowycat)

[livejournal.com profile] periantari read from Many Meetings

Here is also a participation banner for the readers. You can use the banners for your own journal or space, if you like, but please don't forget to credit the artist. If you want to use them outside of LJ, best download them and upload them to your own space.


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